Internally Illuminated Neon Sign for MAC’s Nightclub and Bar

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Customer Requirement:

Customer contacted AGX Signs to produce a brand new fascia and signage scheme to help a new bar in Preston stand out from the competition on a busy city centre location.


AGX Signs Proposal:

In order to be noticed on a busy high street it was suggested that the fascia and signage should incorporate neon so the bar is very visible at night time. A combination of a gloss black tray fascia covering the previous occupiers signage and built up letters with Neon halo illumination was proposed. As soon as the customer saw the visual they agreed to move forward with the scheme. The MAC’s letters were manufactured from stainless steel built up letters complete with white neon letters giving a halo effect when illuminated.


Finished Project:

The signage had to be manufactured and installed within 7 days and this inlcuded only being able to fit out of working hours due to the location. The neon glass work was manufactured within the twenty four hours and the letters and dibond tray done within a couple of days after that. The scheme was delivered two days before the opening day and the customer was delighted with the finished signage both in the day and especially when illuminated at night.