The Versatility of Removawall Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

What is a Removawall?

Removawall is a brilliant invention.


Infinity flexible in application it is, essentially, self adhesive wallpaper.


It’s also known as non permanent wallpaper, due to it being so easy to remove and change.


It’s great for covering entire walls and equally brilliant used as a removable wall sticker, cut to cover just a particular area.


Whether you are decorating a temporary event space or looking for a unique way to work your graphics into your office, Removawall self adhesive wallpaper could be just what you need.


Self Adhesive Wallpaper in Any Design

Removawall non permanent wallpaper is available in any design you choose.


Whether you want a staff photo on your office wall or a complete floor to ceiling shot of your products in action to adorn your boardroom, this stuff is brilliant.


Removable wall stickers are fantastic for events and for environments where offers change on a regular basis.


If your business gets a lot of foot traffic and you want an easy way to keep the place vibrant and fresh, you can use the colour, image or patterns of your choice – replacing them easily and often.


Self-adhesive wallpaper leaves behind no residue so if you want it for a short time only, you can get rid of it quickly and easily and have it leave behind no trace that it was ever there.


Fitting and Removing Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Removawall is so easy that anyone can fit it, though we know you’re busy so we’re happy to hang it for you.


Think full size wallpaper with the design of your choice, cut to any size you need and attached or removed as easily as a post-it note.


All we need is a flat, non-porous surface and Removawall can work its magic on your space.


Non Permanent Wallpaper Applications

We’ve seen non permanent wallpaper used in some wonderfully creative ways, such as:


  • To decorate pop up shops and cafes
  • To make an impact on event stands
  • As ‘coming soon’ promotions on advertising hoardings
  • To welcome visitors into a business’s reception area
  • To create ambiance and personalisation in meeting and event rooms


Can you think of a use for removable wall stickers? Contact us today to discuss your ideas with our qualified marketeer.