Wall Graphics

Wallpaper with amazing imagery


Wall Graphics is exactly what it says, removable full colour fabric graphics for any wall large or small. Think of it as digital wallpaper which can have any image printed on complete with post it note type adhesive. You can hang it yourself or we can install it to any area as long as the wall is flat and non-porous. Brighten any reception area or brand your walls in your meeting room.


The benefits of Wall Graphics are:

  • Quick fitting times
  • Can be fitted by anyone
  • Easily removed
  • No residue
  • Any design is possible
  • Any size
  • Free design*

We would appreciate the chance to sit down and discuss how Wall Graphics can improve your working environment. So please give us a call to discuss a no obligation quote for your vehicle wraps on 03300 240 270 or email info@agxltd.com


*Images may chargeable