Vehicle graphics and wraps

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Let your vehicles be an extension of your Sales and Marketing team.

Just as with any form of brand communications, it’s an indisputable fact that the overall appearance and individual branding of your vehicles should not only reflect the products or services you provide, but most importantly the quality of them.


Company vehicles are now widely acknowledged as being the single most powerful and cost-effective communication tools within the outdoor advertising media mix.



1. Cost effective marketing on the move

By their very nature, your vehicles act as mobile advertising tools (or moving billboards if you like). They can reach a huge audience that would be hugely expensive and almost impossible to capture through static advertising.*


2. Constant Communication

Unlike broadcast or print media, your audience can’t choose to switch off or turn over the page. Displaying a strong message on the back of your van for example, can draw the attention of that unsuspecting motorist caught behind you at the traffic lights – in other words, a captive audience. This has happened recently with Fox Computer, following a rebrand and vehicle livery from AGX Signs they won a contract worth in excess of £20,000 by their vehicle being parked outside the offices of a Liverpool based firm looking for a new IT contractor. This was the best return on investment for any advertising the company has ever had.


3. Longevity

AGX Signs Vehicle Graphics are designed to stand the test of time, even in our Great British weather! The wraps will protect your paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions and can be fully removed at the end of the vehicles use maximising the potential resale value.


Whether you have a single company car or a whole fleet of vehicles, they should act as mobile advertising tools promoting your brand, and if possible specific product features, services and even special offers.


70% of consumers are more likely to employ a company’s services based on the appearance of their vehicles.**


With AGX Signs Vehicle Graphics, every mile you drive can help promote your business.


*Independent survey commissioned by 3M to determine the comparative cost (£) per 1,000 consumers as follows: radio (12.12), TV (4.60), Billboard (1.20), direct mail (19.42), printed media (4.95) and vehicle (0.40).


**Source: 3M Vehicle graphics.