illy Bullring – External Illuminated Signage Scheme

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Customer Requirement:

illy opened a store in the Bullring and needed a bright illuminated shop front to attract customerss in the competitive location of the Bullring Birmingham.


AGX Signs Proposal:

The signs needed to look expensive and match the relatively minimalist branding that illy use worldwide. It was proposed that the signage would be produced from built up perspex letters for both the side and the front elevation with internal illumination. To keep with the minimal design the aluminium powder coated trays would be used all round with the illy logo being produced on a bigger central tray over the main entrance. The other letters on the main elevation would be non illuminating and fitted flat to the fascia’s either side of the built up illy logo


Finished Project:

The signs had to be produced within five days of order and fitted out of hours, AGX Signs fitted them on time and allowed the client to open within a record time for such a big cafe. The scheme produced the expensive finish the customer wanted and gives a high quality illumination to the signage even though it is within a shopping centre. The signage stands out even though it is on the same row as many high street brands as it has a unique design and a high level of fabrication to the built up letters.


Customer Testimonial:

“Fast, well designed and within a really short lead time. Our signs not only attract customers but help give the right impression.”