Halsall St Cuthberts Signs

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Halsall St Cuthberts Requirement:

AGX Signs where contacted by the headmaster of Halsall St Cuthbert’s School as he wanted to replace tired old signs and to change the message on a lot of the school signage.


AGX Signs Proposal:

The proposal was to manufacture red dibond signs to match the school colours and to shape some of the signs so they complement the style of the school building.


All signs would have high grade vinyl graphics and use red caps so the fixings are not visible.


Finished Project:

Everyone at the school was excited to see the finished signs and the finished signage scheme helps deliver some important health and safety issues as well as improve the school’s branding.


In the last few days the school has been awarded best kept School in Lancashire and the head teacher has said that signage was one of the factors that was marked for the school’s entry for the award.


So technically we delivered award winning school signage for St Cuthberts!