External Sign – Mitchell Charlesworth

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Customer Requirement:

Mitchell Charlesworth wanted a signage scheme for the front of their offices in Widnes. The signage needed to look professional and match the cream colour scheme of the building. They required an illuminated sign which looked subtle at night time and not an illuminated light box.

Customer Location:

Signs to be installed on two elevations of a building in Widnes.

AGX Signs Proposal:

To meet the need of a professional look and to keep in with the existing building a cream dibond tray was proposed for the back of the sign. Onto this it was suggested stainless steel built up letters complete with internal LED illumination. This appealed to the accountants both in terms of the design and material but also with the low power consumption of the LEDs and the lack of maintenance. Following a couple of meetings the design was signed off and the order raised in production.

Finished Project:

The final exterior signage gives the client the exact finish they required. It looks professional and gives strong branding both in the day and the night. The signage changed the front and side elevation of the business and has helped increase brand awareness in the local area. One of their clients liked it so much they come to AGX Signs for their own shop signage.

Materials Used:

Built up stainless steel letters, complete with internal LEDs for Halo illumination, fitted to a cream dibond tray.

Customer Testimonial:

“AGX Signs offered a really thorough design process and provided us with a signage scheme to represent our business exactly how we wanted, it looks superb at night time as well!”