Davenport Transport’s Fresh Look for the Fleet

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Davenport Transport Requirement:

Customer had white tractor units but wanted blue and silver to match the rest of their fleet, had four units but needed them within 10 days.


AGX Signs Proposal:

AGX Signs designed a livery for the fleet which matched the blue and silver of the existing fleet but with a more modern twist.


A quotation was sent and the tractor units were to be done one every two days to minimise the amount of time the fleet was off the road.


Colours were confirmed and AGX Signs built the scaffolding in the factory ready for the first delivery.


Finished Project:

This was deemed a complete success both for the seller of the trucks who could not get blue stock and for Davenports who really love the modern take on their new fleet.


All the trucks were wrapped in AGX Signs’s heated factory and done on time.


Other vehicles within the fleet are being lined up to be wrapped in the same style like pickups and support vehicles. This job has led to AGX Signs doing a proposal for another haulier but for a green set of wraps.