Bachy Soletanche External Illuminated Sign

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Bachy Soletanche Requirement:

Bachy Soletanche contacted AGX Signs to produce a large external sign for their new extension on their factory in Burscough, the sign was to be illuminated via LED downlighters.


AGX Signs Proposal:

The factory was large and the aim of the sign was for it to be seen from a good distance, therefore the sign need to be large to make the branding seen.


The customer produces piling machines and wanted the sign in the photographs behind the large machinery.


Options of built up internally illuminated letter were discussed but in the end the option of acrylic letters on stand offs fitted to a dibond tray seemed the most cost effective way of delivering a grand scale sign within the client’s budget.


To finish the project a maintenance free LED light finished in white to match the sign was installed to illuminate the sign.


Finished Project:

The signage had to be installed in time for the opening of the extension to the factory, fitted via a cherry picker the frame was installed in large sections and complete on a second day with the LED light.


The client was impressed with the impact the sign makes from the roadside and was delighted with the way the sign completes the extension to their factory.


AGX Signs were thanked for their patience and advice along the design process and told we would definitely be used again in the future and recommended to others.