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Posted On: Thursday, August 2019

Vehicle graphics or vehicle wrapping – the specialist’s opinion

So you have decided that you want to use your vehicle as a way of promoting your brand or business. It’s a great idea.


By using your car or van as an advertising platform you take your ad wherever you go. If you regularly park in a city centre or you have a mobile business, for example, it is a wonderfully effective way of spreading your sales messages.


First decision made, the next question to ask yourself is what form of vehicle advertising do you want to go for? We at AGX Signs are vehicle wrapping specialists. We can also design and affix custom car window decals or really any other form of vehicle graphics that might take your fancy.


We began our journey to being vehicle wrapping experts by applying graphics to aeroplanes, so there really is no job too big!


As 3M approved installers we are very often asked for our opinion on vehicle advertising, so we thought we’d take a moment to discuss the merits of a few different options.


Vehicle graphics vs vehicle wrapping

This comes down to personal choice.


Do you want your entire vehicle covered or would you prefer to cover a smaller surface area, with custom car window decals or car body decals for example?


More often than not the answer to this question comes down to the aesthetic you are trying to create and that can be decided in consultation with our team.


Don’t feel that you need to know exactly what you want before you contact us.


Also be aware that whatever you opt for you’ll get a great job. Some people ask for our vehicle wrapping specialists skill because they’ve seen vehicle graphics peeling off the side of vans and don’t want that to happen to them. Rest assured, however, that all vehicle graphics and wraps are installed in our specially heated factory to ensure the perfect finish.


What makes AGX Signs vehicle wrapping specialists?

We have been known as a vehicle graphics and vehicle wrapping specialist for years now, for a number of reasons.


Firstly, our dedicated factory creates the perfect conditions for the correct application of vehicle graphics.


Secondly, we are one of the only 3M approved installers of vehicle graphics in the area.


We are incredibly experienced in our field and we employ marketing and design specialists, able to prove their track record in the production of everything from custom car window decals to double decker bus vehicle wraps.


If you know that you want to use your vehicle to promote your brand contact us now, before you make all the decisions, and benefit from our experience.