Eye catching signs for businesses with vision

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Is it time for a new sign?

At AGX Signs we create all manner of signs for businesses set on capturing the attention and imagination of their market.


If you have previously considered your outdoor business signs to be purely perfunctory, you might be amazed at the impact that a new, well thought out and expertly designed custom business sign can have on trade.


The end of the financial year is a good time to think about replacing the signs for your business.


If you have underspend or if you are resolved to use next year’s budget on marketing and promoting for business then please get in touch.


We employ marketing and design professionals that can help and advise you on the best course of action.


Outdoor business signs with impact

Do you already have a sign hanging outside your business? If so, how hard do you think it is working for you?


The role of an outdoor business sign is to alert people to your presence but, unless of course yours is a global brand, it also needs to mark you out against the competition and give people reason to engage with your business.


Every medium of communication has its own ‘rules’.


Good web designers will tell you about the subtle psychological tricks that can be employed to improve engagement with your website.


Different social media platforms have their own unique ways of enticing trade. Outdoor business signs are no different.


They need to be direct, for sure.


Words should be kept to a minimum but that makes every aspect of your sign, from the colour, to the position of the logo, to what you choose to say and what you choose to leave out, all important.


Believe us, a well designed sign is good for business.


Indoor signs for businesses

Strategic use of custom business signs inside your business premises can be just as important as hanging the right signs outside to draw people in. particularly if you work in retail, well placed custom business signs will alert people to your offers, guide them around your products and give them reason to buy.


We specialise in all forms of signs for businesses.


If you are thinking of spending your upcoming budget in this area then it is worth contacting us for advice before you plan and design your signs.


Having worked in the industry for a long time we can work with you to create signs that deliver impact.
AGX Signs – a specialist in all types of signs for businesses for over 10 years.