Ever considered office window decals?

Posted On: Wednesday, August 2019

Something different for your business

You may not have ever thought about the advertising potential of your company’s windows.


Naturally you’ll have seen vinyl window decals in sandwich shops and high street stores but office window decals may be a new concept to you.


However, if you have a premises in an area with a lot of foot traffic, business window decals could be a simple, subtle and very effective way to increase brand awareness.


Why use office window decals?

If you have a city centre office then vinyl window decals are an affordable and easy marketing route. Perhaps you have a professional business.


You don’t have a shop front because you don’t need one – your customers make appointments to come and see you. How do those customers find you? How many of the people who walk past your office every day even know you are there?


If there was an easy, incredibly low cost and unobtrusive way to display your brand and you main key message to every person that passes your business, wouldn’t you want to give that a go?


What are vinyl window decals?

A window decal is simply a sticker designed to attach to a window. Office window decals can be designed so that they are easy to peel away, leaving no residue, or designed to affix on a longer term basis, without fading or lifting.


Each business window decal is designed by us, in consultation with the customer, to ensure that it communicates the right messages, while being in keeping with the brand. We also work with practical considerations – for example, ensuring that your staff can still see out of the window and that the decal won’t block the light.

How could you benefit from office window decals?

  • Make your business more visible to passing trade
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote seasonal offers
  • Capitalise on the location of your office
  • Help visitors to find you

These are just a few of the top benefits for using office window decals. They’re low cost, simple marketing at it’s best that really have no down side.


If you have people walking past your office every day, why wouldn’t you let them know you’re there? You never know, they could be searching for a business just like yours.