Custom window decals vs in-store stickers

Posted On: Thursday, August 2019

How will you promote your business?

At AGX Signs we offer custom sticker printing of all sorts for all surfaces. We are also able to produce custom window decals – a specialist form of custom sticker printing.


If you are opening a new business or looking for ways to promote in an existing site you may well be wondering about the merits of different forms of graphics.


Here we will compare two of the most popular promotional items purchased by our customers – window graphics and in-store stickers.


The uses and benefits of custom window decals

First let us explain the term.


‘Custom window decal’ is the term used to describe stickers produced specifically to adhere to a window. Window graphics can be vibrant or subtle, removable or more permanent and, when you buy from AGX Signs, they are always designed by marketing and design professionals to suit your specific needs and space.


Custom window decals are used:

As a short term way to raise awareness of a specific promotion and have the benefit of being easy to remove and residue free.


As part of the interior décor and a way to create privacy. Whether you want floor to ceiling window graphics or simply a section of your window covered, graphics can be a clever way to integrate branding and create ambiance.


To make the best use of space. Everything from your menu to sales messages and from promotions to awards can be printed on custom window decals. Plus they can be opaque or transparent, to make the most of light and space


The uses and benefits of custom sticker printing

Window graphics could be described as a form of stickers. Here though we are referring to stickers that go elsewhere in, or out of, your store.


If you don’t have much window space, you don’t want to block the natural light or you want more flexibility in terms of where to put your stickers then stickers may be a better option for you than decals.


Stickers can be used:

  • On menus to highlight a current promotion – can be removed without leaving residue
  • On walls, either permanently or on a temporary basis

On really any type of surface you like!


Whether you want to use your cups, your clothing or your car to promote your business we will undoubtedly have an option for you. We have even produced graphics for aircraft, so there really is no job too big


When you want an inexpensive, short run because there is no job too small either