Custom vehicle wraps vs other custom car graphics

Posted On: Thursday, August 2019

Which will you be choosing?

If you’ve got something to promote our custom vehicle wraps and car graphics are a great way to take your message to the masses, there are no two ways about that.


Parked in a car park, in your driveway or even when you’re stopped at traffic lights if you have a custom vehicle wrap or some other form of message on your car or van then everywhere you go you are maximising your business opportunities.


We provide two advertising options for your vehicle – custom car wraps and custom car graphics.


The first sees your whole car wrapped in an advertising graphic, while the second uses well placed graphics stuck onto the vehicle here and there. The question is, what style of vehicle graphic is right for you?


Car wrap advertising

Custom vehicle wraps, when done well, can make a huge impact. You can’t miss a double decker bus wrapped in a bright colour to promote a movie.


You’ve probably noticed cars that use custom vehicle wrapping to make sure that you know what company they are from no matter what angle you look at them from.


We employ a marketeer and a talented graphic designer that can work with you and with the shape and available space of your vehicle to plan a custom car wrap that uses every inch of your vehicle to the best of its ability. You car can look bold and unmissable, or tasteful and businesslike.


We can work with your logo and corporate colours. In fact, use your imagination because there isn’t much we can’t do with your car as our canvas!


Custom car graphics

Some people want to take a more subtle approach to using their vehicle for advertising purposes. If that sounds like you, or if for any other reason you decide that you don’t want your vehicle wrapped entirely but would like to use some of the space on your car or van to promote your work then custom car graphics could be for you.


The process of creating them is much the same – you can work with our marketing and design team to arrive at a design that works for you.


Ultimately, you don’t need to decide on custom vehicle wraps vs other custom car graphics until after you have spoken to us.
We have been doing this for years, on everything from aeroplanes to minis, so you can benefit from our experience as well as our status as 3M approved, guaranteed installers of vehicle graphics, whatever you decide.