AGX Signs Cloud : Digital signage solutions

Posted On: Wednesday, September 2019

Will you be joining our digital cloud?

Digital signage solutions offer the ability to advertise using a variety of different digital media.


The digital signage solution developed and offered by AGX Signs is known as AGX Signs Cloud and it is becoming one of our biggest growth areas.


While it is clearly more feature rich, you may be wondering what the benefits are of a digital signage display over and above a traditional poster or a printed menu board.


We’ve put together a list of a few key benefits, to give you a clear understanding of what can be achieved with digital signage solutions.


An introduction to the benefits of digital signage solutions


Stream rich media
The overarching benefit of digital signage solutions is that they allow you far greater flexibility when it comes to the content you are able to use in your advertisements.


For example, a group of people sitting in a waiting room will learn far more about your latest product or service via a 30 second video than they are likely to form an entire brochure and far more people are likely to enjoy and engage with the video than to pick up and read an entire brochure.


Rich media, such as images, videos, graphics and even animations are more engaging and therefore more effective than static, traditional printed media.


Easily update and manage content
Having new printed signage produced on a regular basis can be laborious and expensive.


AGX Signs Cloud, our digital signage display is quickly and easily updated via the cloud, from any digital device.


Content can be uploaded, scheduled and changed from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Digital menu boards, for example, make it a lot easier and faster for you to change your menu, so that you can be receptive to the tastes and preferences of your customers.


Entertain and inspire to engage
Digital images capture our attention far more than traditional media.


If you’ve ever tried to hold a conversation in a room where there is a TV on you’ll know this.


Your eyes are drawn to the screen.


If you’re a business and you want to advertise this is a huge advantage.


Video and moving images in particular will capture the imagination of your potential customers and make them a receptive audience.


Imagine how much more engaging a video of your chef preparing your best selling meal would be, than simply a description of that meal on a printed sign.


With digital menu boards you could easily show this footage as people wait to order or be seated.


These are just a few benefits of the digital signage solutions available from AGX.


Specific benefits and the perimeters of what’s possible with digital signage vary from one business to another.


To enquire about what it could do for your business, or if you are interested in becoming a reseller of our digital signage solution AGX Signs Cloud, get in touch.