Website Design

It’s easier than it sounds, trust us.

You only have to mention the word coding and some of our clients come out in a cold sweat, don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. We do all the hard bits, all we require off you is cooperation and content. We will deal with all the mind boggling code and talk to you about it in plain and simple English. The more you understand the process the easier it is for us.

Meet up

First thing’s first, we share ideas over a nice strong coffee and see which solution is exactly right for you at this stage. We’ll bounce ideas off each other until we get it down to a fine tee the exact requirements of each user. Then we will price up and spec up and we your happy it’s time to move on to the design stage!

Lets get designing

When designing your website we work together with the customer (you) in order to create something that we are all proud of. No matter how many revisions of the design this takes. At this point everything can be altered, until the design is well and truly something we both want to shout about and show off with. Most of our clients enjoy this stage it lets you become as creative as us.

Live and kicking

Now your website have been designed, we are ready to send it off for development. This is where our team sits in a dark room for numerous days surviving only on Skittles and Red Bull (other energy drinks are available). The complexity of your site will depend how long this stage but once it is completed that’s it, you have a brand spanking new site to show off to all your clients, how exciting!!

See wasn’t lying was we? It really isn’t that complicated.

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