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It’s 2013 and we all live on our smart phones, tablets and laptops. Lets face it we’re a pretty unsociable bunch these days. Even when we are in a meetings with potential clients theres a chance they will scan your website on their smartphone while you nip the loo. It’s important no matter what device people view your website on, it works. Right?

Don’t worry your not going to get banned from Google or vanish from the web if your site isn’t responsive yet. A lot of websites aren’t YET. In fact over 90% websites are yet to acknowledge how important it is a client can see your website properly (i.e. be able to read it without zooming 12 times) while they are bored on the train, scanning their phone in order to stop them having to make the awkward eye contact with the person opposite them.

Make today the day you go Responsive! The amount of traffic mobile views alone will add to your traffic will improve your visibility to clients/potiential clients.

I know what you’re thinking? They keep bringing new devices out all different shapes and sizes; phones, tablets, we even have phablets now. How are you going to keep updating your website to work on all of the new devices? You’re not, hence the name responsive! It adapts to different media screens so it doesn’t matter what Apple bring out to get one over on Samsung your website will be ready.

Still a little confused? Click the button below it will show you how our website is responsive. Don’t be left behind get your a new responsive website today.

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